take five print

say hello to our latest collab with artist Becky Boden.

to celebrate the launch of our new flavour, sour cream & chive, we partnered up to create this deliciously crispy work of art.

encapsulating the moment we all love, taking five with some sour cream & chive.

A3 print. frame not included.


take five print

take five print

new flavour: sour cream & chive

creamy, tangy, with hints of fresh herbs – yet only 92 cals per serving. are you ready to take five with some sour cream & chive?

simply better crisps

under 99 calories

50% less fat

real, sliced potatoes

no artificial flavours

25% less salt



2k+ happy customers

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a firm new family favourite

We gave these a go when on offer, thought the flavour looked interesting. Have to say we were all blown away by these, really more-ish flavour and very good crunch for a healthier crisp.


Oh if only all crisps were made like this. No grease, perfect crunchiness and great flavour. trying These aren’t a compromise in any way. Brilliant!

Very delicious

They are less greasy than traditional crisps, because they've been roasted rather than deep fried. This gives a nice, clean and very crunchy feel in the mouth, which I really enjoyed.

Truffley Goodness!

As soon as you open the bag you're hit with this truffley goodness. Only spotted they were 50% less fat once I'd eaten the bag but it makes perfect sense.


Crisp and not saturated in oil like most premium crisps. Feel like an indulgence but slightly healthier though not once I’ve eaten the whole packet! Oops

Amazing crisps

Love these crisps. Less fat but still all the flavour. Have taste tested with friends and they are amazed they contain less fat than most other crisps. We are converted.


OMG these are absolutely delicious, SO crunchy and fabulous, my favourite crisps by a country mile. Please try them, you won't be disappointed!