what a time to be a crisp

hi, we're simply roasted. we’re here to change the crisps we eat, for the better, forever. That’s a big claim, but we believe we’ve found a better way to make crisps, with everything you want (taste, crunch, satisfaction) and less of what you don’t want (calories, fat, salt). We’re brand new but we have big plans. Thanks for stopping by to check out what we do.

simply better crisps

under 99 calories

50% less fat

real, sliced potatoes

no artificial flavours

25% less salt


why roasted?

the difference is in the ovens. we use
one-of-a-kind ovens to roast our crisps, rather than frying them in oil. that’s why you won’t find anything else like simply roasted on the market.

  • triple cooked

  • 3g fat per serve

  • under 99 calories per serve

  • deep fried

  • 6g fat per serve

  • over 100 calories per serve

from field to bag.


we use the best British potatoes available, as locally grown as possible, planted and grown using regenerative farming practices


the potatoes are harvested and delivered to our factory in Norfolk


there, we wash and slice our potatoes into real, skin-on, thick-cut crisps


instead of deep frying in oil, we roast in our one of a kind, patented ovens.


seasoned to perfection, using no artificial flavours


packaged up, sealed and ready for delivery to your favourite shop or direct to your door

our team

Our team have over 30 years experience in food and drink, having worked for some of the UK's most exciting and successful food and drink brands.

if you’re interested in joining us on our mission to shake up snacking please get in touch

interested in joining us? just want to say hi? hello@simplyroastedcrisps.co.uk

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