these look delicious, where can I buy them?

thanks, they are. just click on shop to pick your favourites and add to cart!


how do you roast a crisp?

we spent years working it out and it’s a bit of a trade secret, but we have special one-of-a-kind roasting ovens at our factory in Norfolk. by roasting our crisps, rather than frying them in boiling hot oil, we keep the crunch, flavour and satisfaction you get from your favourite crisps but less of the fat and calories and salt.


how come your crisps are lower in salt?

our crisps are so delicious we don't need to hide their flavour with tons of salt. we use at least 25% less salt than other fried crisps, naturally.


are your crisps gluten free?



can I chat to you about stocking your crisps in my shop?

we’d love nothing better! please visit our trade page and fill out our handy form.