10 questions with Daisy Barnes from Honest Bean

10 questions with Daisy Barnes from Honest Bean

For our second interview in our Take Ten Series we speak to Daisy Barnes head of marketing for the fab fava bean brand Honest Bean, scroll down for an exclusive discount code, learn about her love for snacks and discover some of the brand she spotted recently 

tell us a bit about yourself..

Helloooo👋 I'm Daisy, the Marketing Manager at The Honest Bean Co! I am properly obsessed with all things beans and the whole supply chain, from seed to snack.

what do you find most rewarding about at your company?

We're a small business, so my job is very hands on and requires me to wear plenty of different hats! We have such a passionate team that are 100% behind our purpose, which makes work life even more rewarding.

what is your favourite product within your portfoilo and why?

All time favourite is our Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar Roasted Fava Beans. They have a proper kick and are super moorish!

tell me about marketing for your brand- how do you spend your time?

Time seems to disappear pretty sharpish 😂 so I try to divide things up between, email marketing, social media, content creation and events. I make sure to give myself time for reporting and analysing what's gone well and what's not worked for us. 

now a bit about us, what’s your favourite simply roasted flavour?

Black truffle for sure!

how do you enjoy your simply roasted crisps?

As a tasty snack, and with a gin and tonic...

what three brands have you spotted recently?

I have to say, Simply Roasted! Love what you guys are doing and the 'better for you' angle that you've taken. To add to that, Yorkshire Pasta and Pentire Drinks.

final question describe your perfect lunch

A big sharing platter with a whole array of tasty snacks.

for those of you who like us love a fava bean simply use the code SNACKTASTIC to take 30% off everything over on their store 



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