10 questions with Loïs from Homethings

10 questions with Loïs from Homethings

Say hello to Loïs head of community and content for our eco-friendly, sink staple  Homethings, scroll down to discover how she is helping better the way the world cleans, oh and also look out for a delicious discount code which you can use over on their online store for the rest of this week.

tell us a bit about yourself..

I'm Lo and I look after all things Brand, Content + Community at eco cleaning start-up, Homethings. We're on a mission to change the way the world cleans. When I'm not knee-deep in memes, photoshoots or choosing new product fragrances, you can probably find me geeking out on gut-health or recording content for my side-project which is an awareness platform about Crohn's Disease.

what do you find most rewarding about at your company?

Doing something that actually makes a difference. Homethings is rooted in sustainability and everything we do comes back to impact and planet. Just take a look the next time you're walking down the cleaning aisle and see how many big brands are selling us bottles of water in single-use plastic bottles – it's bonkers. Rethinking what's under your sink is just one small thing that we can do to try make the world a little bit better. We're not perfect but we're B Corp Certified, carbon neutral and have various other accreditations like vegan + cruelty free. 

what is your favourite product within your portfoilo and why?

Washupthings. It's the UK's first eco powder-to-gel refillable washing up liquid (which is a pretty great headline in itself) but it also smells absolutely amazing. Genuinely never thought that doing the dishes could be an enjoyable experience but here we are. 

tell me about marketing for your brand- how do you spend your time?

No two days are the same – I think anyone in an early stage start-up would agree! I was employee number one which meant that I was truly thrown in the deep end and learnt pretty quickly about spinning many plates. Most of my time is spent talking about content for our socials and digital marketing, planning activations and reviewing new products in the pipeline. It's super exciting and I genuinely do love it.

now a bit about us, what’s your favourite simply roasted flavour?

Black Truffle. Time and time again. 

how do you enjoy your simply roasted crisps?

Dipped into anything. I'm obsessed with the Leon 'Pea-Lentifully' one at the moment.  

what three brands have you spotted recently?

Grounded, Skingredients and Surreal

final question describe your perfect lunch

My local cafe does THE MOST AMAZING sourdough sandwiches, so I'd probably opt for my usual there. Let me paint the scene: sourdough bread, beetroot houmous, zesty avocado, vegan sausages and kimchi. It's divine.

for those of you who like us want to join in the good fight to make our planet and  homes little more clean simply use the code CRISPTHINGS at checkout for 25% off on both our online stores.


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