10 questions with Esther Sforza from The Simple Root

10 questions with Esther Sforza from The Simple Root

Today we kick off our take ten interview series, which will see us check in with different friends, founders and foodies. First to feature is Esther Sforza, head of marketing for the tasty new-plant-based start-up The Simple Root, scroll down the read about her learn about her love for pesto, pizza, pasta and crisps.


hi Esther, please tell us a bit about yourself
I'm Head of Marketing for The Simple Root, a new plant-based brand launching later this year. We're launching with a range of fresh cooking sauces made with root vegetables and all natural ingredients. Eating food, cooking food and talking about food are basically my 3 favourite things to do, so working in the food industry suits me very well!


what do you find most rewarding about working for the simple root? 
Having someone taste our products and go YUM! We did some taste testing recently where someone said our Truffle and Ch**se Style Sauce was better than a 'normal' cheese sauce and that made us feel pretty good!


what is your favourite product within your portfolio and why?
Our creamy Pesto Pasta Style Sauce - it's my mid-week, I don't know what to cook, hero. It's great on pasta or slathered over a heap of roasted vegetables and I love that it's an easy, convenient shortcut that also happens to be good for you.


tell us about marketing for your brand- how do you spend your time?
We're a start-up with a small team, so it's all hands on deck! A typical day could involve anything from taste testing new products (we're developing plant-based cheeses at the moment), to working on our packaging and photographing our products, as well as plenty of packing boxes!


now a bit about us, what’s your favourite simply roasted flavour?
Cheese & Onion


how do you enjoy your simply roasted crisps?
In a crisp sandwich. 


what three brands have you spotted recently?
Wood Brothers is a fantastic family owned distillery that I'm loving at the moment - they make a vodka which is super smooth and creamy, and they grow all of the wheat for their spirits right on their farm in Oxfordshire. I've also spotted Luna & Fennel pizzas and Citizens of Oil - initially for their gorgeous packaging, and then for the the story behind the brands.


final question describe your perfect lunch

A big plate of pasta, a big glass of wine, and preferably a snooze after!


Find the simple root on Insta - @the_simpleroot


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