10 questions with Toby Adcock from TYME

10 questions with Toby Adcock from TYME

say hello to Toby Adcock, CEO & co-founder of TYME - the plant based food company that help you get all the benefits of eating well with less of the hassle. read on to hear about his favourite snacks and to discover a fancy discount code...


tell us a bit about yourself

I'm passionate about making it easier for people to make better food choices that not only benefit them but also the planet.

what do you find most rewarding about at your company?

Seeing the amazing feedback from customers who are seeing marked improvement in their lives by incorporating TYME

what is your favourite product within your portfolio and why?

The Zesty Mexican - it's the perfect balanced lunch 

tell me about marketing for your brand- how do you spend your time?

We're probably a little over reliant performance marketing which I guess is normal for the stage of growth we are at so out focus over the next 12 months is to focus more on organic whilst still growing the usual e-commerce strategies.

now a bit about us, what’s your favourite simply roasted flavour?

Black Truffle (c'mon, surely everyone says the same?)

how do you enjoy your simply roasted crisps?

I'm a serous crisp addict which doesn't necessarily chime with a healthy lunch focused brand which is why Simply Roasted has been a genuine game changer. All the pleasure, none of the guilt (not sure I like the word guilt but hopefully you get me). 

what three brands have you spotted recently?

simply roasted (honestly), TRIP Drinks, TRIBE

final question - describe your perfect lunch

For a working lunch you really can't beat TYME - it's what we do. However, a bowl of fresh pasta and a banging salad on the weekend makes me very happy.


if reading this got you hungry and in the mood to order some tasty goodies from us, use code CRISPTYME15 on both of our websites for 15% off your order 

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